About One of Se7en

The Brand:

One of Se7en is made and designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. Currently a streetwear collection sits upon our website and soon to be first store in Beverly Hills Ca.. Our apparel is versatile in color and fit, while creative in design and pattern; there is something for everyone. Esteban has always loved creating graphic designs with clever verbiage to keep you feeling young at heart. At One of Se7en we embrace the unique vibes and energy that Los Angeles has to offer up as our backdrop and above all we value creativity.

The Company:

Friendship, fashion and philanthropy are at the core of our company. We are committed to maintaining an extraordinarily fun, exciting and diverse work environment for our people while giving back to our community. Collaboration, innovation and transparency are how we have created a brand that will soon reach across apparel and accessories into home, fragrance, kids and beyond. We cannot wait to take you along for the journey.

The Team:

We are a aspirational, talented and driven group of dynamic leaders with a diverse background in luxury retail who have come together to give you something that you have never seen before. We love our products and the comfort they bring to our daily lives while still lifting our spirits from the playfullness of the designs all the way to the loud splashes of color in our fabrications. We move at a fast pace but are dedicated to delivering a client experience like no other. We focus on staying in touch with our clients through their favorite social media platforms and keeping up with how they style and implement use of our collections in their daily lives. We are passioniate about bold design, fashion and innovation in all that we do, constantly creating unique touch points in the client experience. We are located in Beverly Hills on the iconic Wilshire Blvd. and we cannot wait to brighten your day with a little bit of our optimism. 


Our Creative Director:     Esteban Luna Jr.

Born in the heart of central Texas as one of seven children; Esteban, a small town boy always knew he wanted more than what his home could offer. He packed his bags and took his dreams to Los Angeles, where he enrolled in FIDM, the coveted fashion institute of the West Coast. Our designer fell in love with two things, a lust for luxury retail and a passion for creating.

Now, after 15 years of working for the world’s largest fashion brands; Esteban is pursuing his talents and creating his own entity. Oneofse7en is for the big kid at heart. A truly colorful novelty clothing brand, that will keep you feeling fresh, fun and youthful. Join Esteban on this journey and feel your best while wearing unique high quality designs. 

 “All I want to do is make the world a brighter place and maybe put a smile or two on someone’s face”        Esteban Luna Jr.